Denison Road Underpass

The new Denison Road will pass under the tracks and be re-aligned between Jane Street and Weston Road. The existing Denison Road East will be converted into a cul-de-sac, as will Sam Frustaglio Drive. Arthur Street will become a turn-about.


  • May 6, 2015 – On Monday, May 11, we began work on old Denison Rd. to construct the cul-de-sac and resurface the roadway. This work will occur Monday to Friday, between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m.
Concept drawing, looking east on Denison Rd. Concept drawing, looking west on Denison Rd. Concept drawing, Sam Frustaglio Drive cul-de-sac


Project Schedule

  • Utility relocation start: January 2011
  • Construction start: spring 2011
  • Substantial completion: end of 2014
  • Final completion: fall 2015

What we are doing

  • Work on the GO and CP Rail bridges is complete.
  • Excavation of the roadway is nearing completion. With excavation complete, work can begin on forming the roadway, pedestrian walkway and walls of the underpass.
  • Pedestrian walkway completion: Spring 2014
  • Sam Frustaglio Drive cul-de-sac completion: Summer 2014

How this will affect you

  • The majority of the work will take place during regular construction hours.
  • Some construction work may be required outside these hours. Advance notice will be provided to the surrounding community when are working outside the regular hours.
  • Denison Road will be closed between Jane Street and Weston Road during construction.
    • A signalized pedestrian crossing will be maintained at all times.
    • There will be minimal impact to Weston Road.
  • Night work will be lighter construction using cranes and trucks:
  • o    Noise from trucks reversing will be heard.
  • o    Lighting will be needed to maintain visibility.


Noise and Vibration

Noise and vibration monitors have been set up along the Denison Road Underpass project area to monitor any noise and vibration generated by the construction. This data will be posted on a weekly basis.

The following graph displays 1-hour averaged noise levels measured in decibels (dbA).

Denison Road Underpass Noise Monitoring Graph

* Please note there was no construction activity when the exceedance indicated in the graph above occurred.

For a map of the station locations, please click here.

Archived graphs

2011 | 2012 | 2013 | 2014 | January 1-February 1 | February 1-28 | March 1-31 | April 1-30 | May 1-31 | June 1-31 | July 1-31 | August 1-31


No elevated vibration levels were recorded during this construction period.

To learn more about how we're monitoring noise and vibration during construction, please see our Noise and Vibration page.


Design consultant: R.V. Anderson
Construction contractor: Dufferin Construction Company

Community Updates

For more information on the Denison Road Underpass, please contact the Weston Community Office at 416-241-2300.