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Weston Tunnel

The GO rail corridor will be lowered from Lawrence Avenue to Weston Road, with a covered portion between King Street and Church Street. Because the rail corridor will not yet have descended low enough to keep the road level, John Street will be closed to vehicular traffic; a pedestrian bridge will be built over the GO tracks to keep John Street open to pedestrians. The corridor will ascend north of Church Street, returning to ground level before the Weston Road bridge.

The Tunnel Cover, between King Street and Church Street, will be at the same grade as the St. John the Evangelist Church and School property lines. With public access from Church or King Street, the tunnel cover is being designed to accommodate a green space and/or recreational public use to be maintained by a third party, such as the City of Toronto or the Toronto Catholic District School Board.


  • April 9 –  King Street will close temporarily at Weston Rd. from April 12 to 25 to restore the sidewalk and road.
  • April 8 –  The changing of the season brings us closer to our project’s substantial completion in December, as well as important milestone accomplishments this month. In preparation for the reopening Church Street on April 25, we will be pouring concrete for the suspended bridge slab over the tunnel on April 9 (weather permitting). As this job will require an excess of 800 cubic metres of concrete, we will pour continuously for at least 13 hours. This concrete pour is scheduled to begin at 8:00 a.m. and end by 11:00 p.m. While Church Street will remain closed at Rosemount Avenue on the east side until the end of July to complete the City of Toronto water main installation, King Street is scheduled to reopen at Weston Road on April 28.
  • March 28 – We have begun placing the structural steel and pouring concrete to form the floor and walls of the Weston Tunnel. Installation of supportive struts has commenced south of King St. with limited night work. The majority of the strut installation south of King Street is now complete. The four remaining struts will be installed later this summer once we complete the pouring of the adjacent suspended slab just south of King Street. What to expect in the coming months:
    • Reopening of Church St. across the lowered rail corridor for pedestrians and vehicles is expected in late April. Details will be shared shortly.
    • John St. is expected to close permanently following the reopening of Church St. in late April. Work will begin to excavate and lower the rail corridor to prepare for the construction of the John St. Pedestrian Bridge.
    • A track shift is scheduled for early May in the corridor near Lawrence Ave. W. to accommodate both the Weston Tunnel and Weston GO Station construction projects. Stay tuned for more details.
  • October 28 –  Work hours will be from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m., Monday to Saturday for six months until spring 2014.
Weston Tunnel Rendering Weston Tunnel Rendering Weston Tunnel Rendering Weston Tunnel Rendering Weston Tunnel Rendering Weston Tunnel Rendering


Project Schedule

  • Excavation start: fall 2012
  • Construction complete: end of 2014

What we are doing

  •  GO rail corridor will be lowered from Lawrence Avenue to Weston Road, with a covered portion between King Street and Church Street
  • John Street will be closed to vehicular traffic
    • a pedestrian bridge will be built over the GO tracks to keep John Street open to pedestrians

How this will affect you

  • Temporary road closures of Church Street and King Street in 2012 or 2013 during tunnel construction
    • Closures will impact only one road at a time
  • Working with property owners for temporary easements to gain construction access


Noise and Vibration

Noise and vibration monitors have been set up along the Weston Tunnel project area to monitor any noise and vibration generated by the construction. This data will be posted on a weekly basis.

The following graph displays 1-hour averaged noise levels measured in decibels (dbA).

Weston Tunnel Noise Monitoring Graph

For a map of the station locations, please click here.

Archived graphs

2011 | 2012 | December 31, 2012-January 5, 2013 | January 7-12 | January 14-19 | January 21-26 | January 28-February 2 | February 4-9 | February 11-16 | February 18-23 | February 25-March 2 | March 4-9 | March 11-16 | March 18-23 | March 25-30 | April 1-6 | April 8-13 | April 15-20 | April 22-27 | April 29-May 4 | May 6-11 | May 13-18 | May 20-25 | May 27-June 1 | June 3-8 | June 10-15 | June 17-22 | June 24-29 | July 1-6 | July 8-13 | July 15-21 | July 22-28 | July 29-August 3 | August 5-10 | August 12-17 | August 19-24 | August 26-31 | September 2-7 | September 9-14 | September 16-21 | September 23-28 | September 30 - October 5 | October 7-12 | October 14-19 | October 21-26 | October 28 - November 2 | November 4-9 | November 11-16 | November 18-23 | November 25-30 | December 2-7 | December 9-14 | December 16-21 | December 23-28 | December 30, 2013 - January 4, 2014 | January 6-11 | January 13-18 | January 20-25 | January 27 - February 1 | February 3-8 | February 10-15 | February 17-22 | February 24 - March 1 | March 3-8 | March 10-15 | March 17-22 | March 24-29


No elevated vibration levels were recorded during this construction period.


Design consultant: Delcan
Construction contractor: Phase 1: Avertex
Construction Contractor: Phase 2: Ellis Don
Construction Contractor: Phase 3: KO Contractors

Community Updates

For updates from 2010 or 2011, please see our Communication Materials page.

For more information on the Weston Tunnel, please contact the Weston Community Office at 416-241-2300.

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